Catalina Larkspur Tax Credit Donation

We are so excited that Fireside was able to send 6th graders from Larkspur Elementary to Catalina Island Marine Institute in 2020. It had been over 15 years since students at Larkspur have had the opportunity to travel to Catalina Island. Larkspur is one of our Title One schools so funding for this type of field trip can be very challenging. We believe strongly in equity for all students in our community and were so excited to partner with Larkspur to make this incredible field trip available for their students. Families made all, or a portion of, their Arizona Public School Tax Credit Donations to “Larkspur Catalina Trip”.  Married filing jointly households were able to donate up to $400 and single family households were able to donate up to $200 per year.


Thank you Fireside for making this happen!!


Stay tuned for more opportunities to help others!