Junior Achievement, teaches children about entrepreneurship, financial literacy, and work readiness to grades kindergarten through sixth grade. Junior Achievement elementary school Programs include six sequential themed programs for kindergarten through fifth-grade students. Each program has five hands-on activities that build upon the lessons from each preceding grade. Students learn the basic concepts of business and economics using an interactive approach that captures the attention of all styles of learners.


Ourselves® (Kindergarten)

Combines compelling stories read aloud by the volunteer with hands-on activities to demonstrate helping, working, earning, and saving.

Our Families® (1st Grade)

Emphasizes the roles people play in the local economy and engages students with activities about needs, wants, jobs, skills, goods/services, and entrepreneurial characteristics.

Our Community® (2nd Grade)

Explores the interdependent roles and responsibilities of workers, the work they perform, payroll, taxes, saving, and how communities function.

Our City® (3rd Grade)

Studies careers, the skills people need to work in specific careers, city zones, and how businesses contribute to the economy of a city.

Our Region® (4th Grade)

Introduces the relationship between the natural, human, and capital resources, explores entrepreneurial traits, business owner tasks, and problem-solving.

Our Nation® (5th Grade)

Provides practical information about the demands of the job market, including high-growth, high demand jobs and the importance of STEM (science, technology, engineering and math) skills. This program also emphasizes the need for entrepreneurial thinking in the workplace.

JA More Than Money®

Teaches students about earning, spending, sharing, and saving money, as well as businesses they can start or jobs they can perform to earn money


A BizTown – Work Readiness, Entrepreneurship, Citizenship, and Business Ethics



JA BizTown® is a learning experience that teaches 4th, 5th, and 6th grade students economic concepts, workplace skills, and personal and business finances in a student-sized town built just for them. The teacher- led curriculum enhances student understanding of work ethic, economics, leadership, and teamwork. JA BizTown combines in-classroom learning with real world application. During the in-classroom lessons, the students create a business plan, calculate operating costs, explore career options, and design a marketing campaign. During a town simulation the students:

  1. Work as an employee on a business team
  2. Price the goods and services they sell
  3. Become consumers and producers within a functioning economy
  4. Manage personal finances